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20 October 2016

by switchmed last modified Mar 02, 2017 02:17 PM

SwitchMed Connect 2016 was the second annual gathering of Mediterranean stakeholders to build synergies, exchange knowledge, and scale up eco and social innovations. More than 400 leading start-ups and entrepreneurs, industry agents, initiatives, change agents, policy and financing institutions from 16 Mediterranean countries working on applications of productive, circular and sharing economies in the Mediterranean came together in Barcelona on 18th-20th October 2016. We shared our stories, expertise and experience on eco and social innovations.

In these pages, you can find the summaries of the third day' sessions (the 20th October) and links to the sessions’ communities where you can download the presentations. We warmly encourage you to post your feedback, own experiences and reflections in the communities. Keep engaging and shape the content of the SwitchMed Connect 2018 with us!