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Golden opportunity to visit green businesses at their workplace!

On October 12 and 13, 2019, green businesses throughout many Mediterranean countries, will open their workplace to the public, and interact with them meaningfully in order to promote the green and circular economy in the Mediterranean. Seven of our Switchers have been selected to participate in the “Eco-virtuous Open House” (“Portes ouVERTES”), organised by DEFISMED. Check them out!
Published on Oct 09, 2019

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Golden opportunity to visit green businesses at their workplace!

Photo credit : Courtesy of @Bookagri from

Are you looking for a unique experience this weekend? The Defismed initiative is presenting you sustainable destinations all over the Mediterranean, where you can learn from and interact with local green entrepreneurs. Discover them all on Defismed website, some might be just around the corner. Below checck out our Switchers who will be happy to receive you in Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt and Palestine.

In Jordan, Wadi Dana Eco Camp is a local community cooperative, working on ecological tourism since 1994. Visitors will have the privilege to connect with the unique nature reserve of Dana, its local farmers, and to enjoy the view from this very special place. 

Bookagri offers diverse activities where participants will be involved with farmers in their daily chores, which focus on heritage preservation, local food production, nature care, animal care, etc. These activities help the farmers interact with the outside world, and share their ancient expertise with visitors. The visitors in turn get a glimpse of their daily lives and reconnect with nature.


                                                                                  Wadi Dana Eco Camp                                                                          Cooking class at Bookagri

Amina’s Natural Skincare will share with you their knowledge about Skin care products made out of locally sourced organic ingredients. They will explain how to use natural ingredients for their personal cleaning products, how to choose safe products and what it means to be organic in skin care: a way to live with respect for nature. 


In Palestine, Aisha Design will show you how it combines traditional  craftsmanship and contemporary designs, to produce beautiful accessories by reusing textile waste. Aisha offers a workshop where participants can become more familiar with spring flowers using Palestinian embroidery.


                                      Amina' skin care lotion                                                                       Aisha design handmade accessories                            

In Egypt, our Switcher Up-fuse will create an open discussion and interactive exhibition about solutions for plastic bag waste in developing countries, with a hands on workshop for the participants to visualize and realize their ideas. Participants will go back home with eco-gifts and souvenirs made from Cairo’s plastic waste as well as stories of strong women who are supporting their families and protecting the environment through working for Up-Fuse. 


                                                                                   UP-fuse recycled bag                                                                             Phyto-purification system

In Tunisia you can visit Elma Eco, on the northern shores, which provides an innovative yet sustainable water treatment system for households. The workshop will be held at the seaside in the Rafraf region in Bizerte, to introduce you to the benefits of a phyto-purification system already installed in a villa. 

You should also visit Dar Zaghouan, an ecolodge that operates on the principles of circular economy. It is located in the rural region of Zaghouan, a mere 45 minutes from Tunis, ideal for a stopover with the family. You will find a playground and an old olive oil mill as well as traditional and modern Moorish baths and spa.


All the Switchers are committed to create the best experience for you, and to share their passion for the environment and their local communities. If this sounds like a good way to spend your weekend, join the “Eco-virtuous Open House” event near you! It will take you only one minute to register yourself as a guest through this link and clicking at "s'inscrire sur le site" (picture below). Don’t hesitate to contact our Switchers directly to request more information.