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Switcher of the Month

Our Switcher of the month in January 2020 is "Zerdamel", an ambitious startup who converts discarded bread into high-quality breadcrumbs and animal feed.
Published on Nov 05, 2019

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Switcher of the Month

Photos credit Sergio-arze-cWXibBbXx44-unsplash

We are proud to announce that our Switcher of the Month in January 2020 is Chafik Boukercha founder of Zerdamel, which mission is to fully maximize bread resources — right down to the last crumb in Algeria.


 When i found out that Algerians throw away the equivalent of 120 million baguettes during each Ramadan, The idea came to me to start Zerdamel says Chafik

Learn more about ZERDAMEL through their story.