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Switcher of the Month

Our Switcher of the month in February 2020 is "Namnamfood", a startup providing vegetarian cuisine with zero food waste.
Published on Nov 05, 2019

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Switcher of the Month

Photos credit : @Namnamfood

We are proud to announce that our Switcher of the Month in February 2020 is Khadija co-founder of Namnamfood, which mission is to change the food scene in Tunisia one dish at a time. Khadija and her husband offer fusion dishes and receipts for domestic and professional, as well as consultation services on management of food waste, culinary performances, and anti-waste training. 


"We are aware of the importance of how food is handled and disseminated to follow the farm-to-table concept" stated Khadija, owner of Namnamfood. "We offer a vegetarian cuisine with zero food waste".

Learn more about Namnamfood through their blog, facebook and instagram.