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National SCP Action Plans

Eight SCP National Action Plans (SCP-NAP) have been developed in a sustained programmatic approach tailored to national circumstances, including the integration into existing national development plans or strategies.

A national coordination mechanism has been established at country level under the coordination and the guidance of the National Focal Points (NFP). Focal points have been appointed by the national governments. In most countries a duo of Focal points – one from Ministry of Environment and one from Ministry of Industry took the national leadership in the implementation of SwitchMed at national level. The SCP-NAP processes were tailored to the needs and specific country situations and allowed the synergies and integration with national development plans and/or national sustainable development strategies. The national processes were inclusive and saw the participation of a large and diverse group of national stakeholders, representing different relevant government institutions, private sector, civil society, academia and media representatives.

Given the difficulty to implement the full range of SCP policies and instruments at once, project countries select a limited number of priority areas to be addressed in their SCP National Action Plans, which contribute to poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability and the development of a green economy. SCP-NAPs are a first step in a country’s response to the 2015 adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in particular Goal 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production.

¨The Barcelona Convention strongly encourages the Contracting Parties to mainstream SCP in national and local development policies, according to national laws in order to implement the Action Plan at the national and local levels, ensuring enabling conditions, policy coherence and promotion of synergies among national stakeholders and understanding the need to support member countries in the implementation through capacity building and technology transfer¨. Decision IG.22/5 declaration on the 19th Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region


During these national processes a total of over 40 national workshops, roundtables and nationally- tailored training sessions were organized to reinforce national capacity on SCP, and 1500 national stakeholder from government, private sector, civil society, industry, academia and media actively participated.

Read more on the SCP/NAPS here: Morocco, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia and Israel.

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   marker-yellow-16x25.png Case Studies of SCP policies



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