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Regional SCP Action Plan

We have already started the implementation of the SCP Action Plan for the Mediterranean

After two years of development and a large consultation process with Governments and regional organisations, the SCP Action Plan for the Mediterranean was finally adopted by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention last February.

The SCP Action Plan was adopted during the Conference of the Parties to the Barcelona Convention (COP19) for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea against the Pollution held on 9-12 February 2016 in Athens (Greece).  Before that, the SCP Action Plan was validated (13-16 October 2015) by the United Nations Environment Programme – Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP) National Focal Points, Government representatives of the 21 Mediterranean Countries and the European Commission, which decided to submit it for endorsement by the Contracting Parties.

The SCP Regional Action Plan is a substantive contribution to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is a strategic document that gives clear guidelines on the actions that should be developed in the region to shift towards sustainable consumption and production patterns, long-term sustainability, circular economy and new paradigms in the use of resources. It is also responding constructively to the climate change challenges.

Click here to download it.

The Barcelona Convention, which is just celebrating 40th anniversary, constitutes one of the most advanced regional policy framework for sustainable development. It is the first even international treaty that has identified the shift to sustainable patterns of consumption and production as a necessary objective to decouple human development from the degradation of marine and coastal environment.

The document is structured around 4 key economic sectors for the region having a particular impact on the environmental degradation: Food, fisheries and agriculture, Tourism, Goods manufacturing as well as Housing and construction.

We have already started to develop activities supporting the implementation of the Action Plan on the ground. In the framework of SwitchMed, pilot projects targeting the food and, energy, textile and tourism sectors are about to behave been launched and set of indicators for measuring the progress on SCP meainstreaming and streamlining in the region is being developed. A Technical Workshop on ¨How to monitor the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development 2016-2025 (MSSD) and the Regional Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Mediterranean (SCP AP) ¨ took place on the 17th of October in Barcelona at the SCP/RAC premises to present the first draft of set of SCP indicators, amongst other objectives.

For further information on the development of these set of indicators please click here. This is complementing the development of a Mediterranean Sustainability Dashboard for the follow-up of the  Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development 2016-2025 (MSSD).

We are also working on the dissemination of the Plan. The tourism chapter was presented during  the Regional Experience Sharing Workshop on sustainable tourism in Mediterranean Protected Areas (MPAs) organised by the Network of Mediterranean Protected Areas managers in the Mediterranean (MedPAN) in Sardinia (Italy - 24th-26th of November 2015) and during the Mediterranean Experience of Eco-Tourism (MEET) project final conference in Barcelona (Spain -24th-26th of November 2015). It was also use a basis for the development of a Regional Framework on sustainable tourism being developed by Plan Bleu. For more details please contact: