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Capitalisation Activities

At SwitchMed, we are developing capitalization activities to share the best practices and lessons learned of our demonstration pilot projects in 8 targeted countries. These activities contribute directly to the implementation of the national action plans to promote and replicate circular economy measures in the priority sectors selected by the targeted countries.

Thanks to SwitchMed programme, eight SCP National Action Plans (SCP-NAP) have been developed in a sustained programmatic approach tailored to the needs and specific country situations, and allowed the synergies and integration with national development plans and/or national sustainable development strategies.

It is in this framework that SCP and circular economy pilot projects have been developed to demonstrate through technical assistance how SCP can be mainstreamed in key economic  sectors, as the concrete implementation of the SCP National Action Plan.

At the completion of each pilot project, a national workshop is organized in the respective country to

  • Capitalize on the lessons learned and best practices which can be replicated at the national level.
  • Increase the visibility of the selected green enterprises and pilot projects as a living demonstration of the SCP-NAP,
  • To create synergies with stakeholders acting on similar initiatives while fostering an enabling environment for such initiatives at the policy level.

As an essential part of this capitalization process a report is published after each workshop to document these best practices and lessons learned, thus contributing to future similar initiatives by the private sector and the government. This report highlights the existing legal, fiscal and economic framework and further recommendations, which are crucial for the effective development of green entrepreneurship and SCP mainstreaming in the targeted sectors at the national level.

The capitalization activities are funded by the European Union and implemented bythe SCP / RAC (Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production), based in Barcelona (Spain)in agreement with the Ministry of the Environment and the Delegation of the European Union in each target country.

On what dates?


EGYPT: 2018 (TBD)

ISRAEL: 2018 (TBD)


ALGERIA: September 18th 2018



TUNISIA: December 14th 2017

Click on the countries below to receive detailed information about local partners, venues and scheduled events (NB: so far capitalization workshop has been held only in Tunisia)