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Join SWITCH-Med Action Network

by admin last modified Mar 03, 2015 10:53 AM

Who we are

SWITCH-Med Action Network is a community of practice with the mission of achieving productive, circular and collaborative economies in the Mediterranean. We exchange experiences, build synergies, create and multiply actions towards this mission.

Our Action Network is made up of entrepreneurs, small businesses, industry service providers, designers technical experts as well as individuals coming from public administrations, business intermediaries, multinational companies, development agencies, civil society organisations, and financing institutions.

Why we have come together

We share the common thought that there has been incredibly little action given the urgency to act. We have the tools and practices and now we need to scale-up fast. We share a passion for change. We are convinced with the fact that a productive, circular and collaborative economy will bring prosperity to all Mediterranean countries. 

What goals we have

By end of 2015:

  • A regional roadmap for a productive, circular and sharing economy in the Mediterranean;
  • 9 National Action Plans for policy-making and implementation.

By mid 2017 in 9 South Mediterranean countries:

  • 3,000 entrepreneurs trained on circular and sharing economy in the Mediterranean
  • 30 entrepreneurs receiving one-year technical and financial advice, and 9 awarded with financial support;
  • 9 grassroots initiatives by civil society change agents;
  • 130-150 industries supported to with increase resource efficiency;
  • 9 pilot projects in line with national and regional policy plans;
  • An online and offline community of 4,000 change agents sharing lessons learned and developing paths for scaling-out and scaling-up.

How we take action

We have offline and online platforms. Offline platform include SWITCH-Med actions coordinated by SWITCH-Med implementing partners and local teams in 9 Mediterranean countries. We carry out synergy events and thematic workshops with our strategic partner organisations, and organise annual networking events to check where we are towards our goals and how to improve our actions. Online platform includes communities on SWITCH-Med social network using a set of communications tools and webinars.

In all our actions, we put our focus on agro-food, housing and construction, goods manufacturing and use, and tourism sectors. 

Join our SWITCH-Med Action Network now by clicking here

Drop us a or give us a call (see our profiles on the social network or click 'contact' at the top of this web platform) if you have any inquiries.